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Welcome To X-Reflector 12... Module A is connected to the PAPA Analog System

Linked Gateways/Reflectors
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Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
AB4WS listening Hotspot
AC2GS listening Hotspot
AC2GS D listening Hotspot
K6SYN listening Hotspot
KA5ZTP B listening Hotspot
KB6THO listening Hotspot
N6MY listening Hotspot
N6SVX D listening Hotspot
N9PMR listening Hotspot
NZ6D H listening Hotspot
VE2EQ listening Hotspot
XE2JEG listening Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time PST
WB6YES WB6YES XRF012 A WB6YES B 220520-09:26:26
KC6LDN KC6LDN XRF012 A KW6HRO 220519-22:12:06
W1RXF W1RXF XRF012 A KI6KQU B 220519-20:24:26
N4RAP N4RAP XRF012 A N4RAP 220519-00:15:20
KN6FAT KN6FAT XRF012 A KN6FAT 220517-10:57:11
WD6FZA WD6FZA XRF012 A KJ6FCH 220513-08:58:39
SV7JXM SV7JXM XRF012 A SV7JXM B 220511-10:27:49
KN6PEM KN6PEM XRF012 A KN6PEM 220508-23:54:12
K6OLY K6OLY XRF012 A KM6LVQ B 220508-11:45:15
WD6FOX WD6FOX XRF012 A WD6FOX 220507-19:25:39
K3OSI K3OSI XRF012 A W7RNK C 220507-10:27:07
N6UTD N6UTD XRF012 A KJ6FCH 220505-19:40:00
WW6USA WW6USA XRF012 A WW6USA 220504-21:32:24
K6TAW K6TAW XRF012 A KM6LVQ B 220504-21:22:48
KC6ESW KC6ESW XRF012 A KI6JKA B 220504-21:00:29
K6PFN K6PFN XRF012 A KM6LVQ B 220504-20:59:34
WX6R WX6R XRF012 A WX6R 220504-20:57:22
KJ6UVT KJ6UVT XRF012 A KM6LVQ B 220504-20:56:04
AB6MB AB6MB XRF012 A AB6MB 220504-20:55:52
KJ6VMH KJ6VMH XRF012 A KK6GFX 220504-20:55:29
N2JRW N2JRW XRF012 A N2JRW 220503-15:07:33
KG6QKJ KG6QKJ XRF012 A KG6QKJ 220502-17:58:44
KU7M KU7M XRF012 A W7RNK C 220430-14:30:25
KD2GIW KD2GIW XRF012 A KK6GFX 220428-21:36:03
W6ALB W6ALB XRF012 A W6ALB 220427-16:55:49
KO4WQT KO4WQT XRF012 A KO4WQT 220425-22:11:14
K6IT K6IT XRF012 A K6IT 220423-15:51:43
VE5RS VE5RS XRF012 A VE5RS 220422-20:34:12
K6TDM K6TDM XRF012 A K6TDM 220421-09:47:11
N0WIQ N0WIQ XRF012 A N0WIQ 220414-18:32:10
KF6WEY KF6WEY XRF012 A KF6WEY 220413-17:47:52
N0VGM N0VGM XRF012 A WD6FOX 220409-14:55:58
KN6NIK KN6NIK XRF012 A KM6LVQ B 220406-21:52:44
W6CJX W6CJX XRF012 A KI6JKA B 220406-21:07:06
KN6IUW KN6IUW XRF012 A KN6IUW 220406-20:57:07
KC8YQL KC8YQL XRF012 A KC8YQL 220406-20:57:04
KM6FPF KM6FPF XRF012 A KM6LVQ B 220406-20:31:58
KI6AZQ KI6AZQ XRF012 A KJ6FCH 220331-21:40:24
KG7VG KG7VG XRF012 A W7RNK C 220330-21:25:33

Status as of Fri May 20 09:31:04 2022 PST
Dashboard Version 1.15B
Server Uptime: 74 days, 20 hours and 24 minutes

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