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Welcome To X-Reflector 12... Module A is connected to the PAPA Analog System

Linked Gateways/Reflectors
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Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
AB4WS listening Hotspot
AC2GS D listening Hotspot
KB6THO listening Hotspot
KE6JGM listening Hotspot
KZ8BAY listening Hotspot
N6MY listening Hotspot
NZ6D H listening Hotspot
VE2EQ listening Hotspot
XE2JEG listening Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time PST
WB6YES WB6YES XRF012 A WB6YES B 230323-06:43:28
KC6TAN KC6TAN XRF012 A KC6TAN 230322-21:23:46
KJ6PYS KJ6PYS XRF012 A KJ6PYS B 230322-18:25:01
N6APG N6APG XRF012 A N6APG B 230321-20:04:43
W6ALB W6ALB XRF012 A W6ALB 230321-19:44:05
AC2GS AC2GS XRF012 A AC2GS 230320-09:37:58
W6EBD W6EBD XRF012 A W6EBD 230319-20:27:14
W9EAA W9EAA XRF012 A W9EAA 230319-19:03:46
K6OLY K6OLY XRF012 A KI6KQU B 230316-21:23:24
W6WDA W6WDA XRF012 A W6THC 230316-19:52:14
K1GKM K1GKM XRF012 A K1GKM 230314-21:50:15
W4JFR W4JFR XRF012 A W4JFR 230312-19:43:08
N6CY N6CY XRF012 A N6CY 230312-16:08:58
W7NP W7NP XRF012 A W7NP 230311-16:04:32
VE7KH VE7KH XRF012 A VE7KH 230310-21:39:42
KG7ODB KG7ODB XRF012 A KG7ODB B 230310-19:24:23
KM6ZPO KM6ZPO XRF012 A KM6ZPO 230310-18:18:24
M0NJW M0NJW XRF012 A KG7ODB 230310-00:54:11
2E0BPU 2E0BPU XRF012 A KG7ODB 230310-00:23:28
KN6NJP KN6NJP XRF012 A KG7ODB 230309-23:32:17
PA3GFY PA3GFY XRF012 A KG7ODB 230309-23:10:06
K0MEB K0MEB XRF012 A KG7ODB 230309-23:09:54
KO4AIL KO4AIL XRF012 A KG7ODB 230309-22:31:29
VK4XH VK4XH XRF012 A KG7ODB 230309-22:00:14
KK6AKH KK6AKH XRF012 A KK6AKH 230309-21:55:46
KC6UQT KC6UQT XRF012 A KC6UQT B 230309-14:29:27
KM6PS KM6PS XRF012 A KM6PS 230306-14:20:22
EB4BTX EB4BTX XRF012 A EB4BTX B 230306-03:49:46
KM6VKK KM6VKK XRF012 A KM6VKK B 230304-19:01:27
KC5ALH KC5ALH XRF012 A KC5ALH 230302-21:11:26
KG6PHX KG6PHX XRF012 A KI6JKA B 230302-20:41:01
N6UTD N6UTD XRF012 A N6UTD B 230302-19:37:24
WX6R WX6R XRF012 A WX6R 230301-20:44:17
K7XCB K7XCB XRF012 A K7XCB 230301-20:44:02
WD6FZA WD6FZA XRF012 A KJ6FCH 230301-20:43:47
KJ6UVT KJ6UVT XRF012 A KJ6UVT 230301-20:43:25
W6TMI W6TMI XRF012 A KI6JKA B 230301-20:42:58
KJ6VMH KJ6VMH XRF012 A KK6GFX 230301-20:42:40
K6FCC K6FCC XRF012 A K6FCC 230228-20:06:09

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Server Uptime: 381 days, 17 hours and 39 minutes

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