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Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
AB4WS listening Hotspot
K6AGA D listening Hotspot
KA5ZTP B listening Hotspot
KB6THO listening Hotspot
KC6N listening Hotspot
KD8RWK listening Hotspot
KM6NLZ listening Hotspot
KZ8BAY listening Hotspot
N0VGM D listening Hotspot
N9PMR listening Hotspot
NZ6D H listening Hotspot
VE2EQ listening Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time PST
WB6YES WB6YES XRF012 A WB6YES B 200804-15:16:47
KJ7OCW KJ7OCW XRF012 A KG7QPU B 200803-16:52:52
VK1BF VK1BF XRF012 A VK1BF 200803-00:40:28
KD6DWX KD6DWX XRF012 A KD6DWX 200802-11:28:51
N0WIQ N0WIQ XRF012 A N0WIQ 200802-09:38:19
WA6CEA WA6CEA XRF012 A WA6CEA 200730-18:29:17
KC6N KC6N XRF012 A KC6N 200730-16:49:42
LU1DHD LU1DHD XRF012 A LU1DHD 200728-15:28:39
WA6JFK WA6JFK XRF012 A WA6JFK B 200727-12:35:06
WW6P WW6P XRF012 A WW6P B 200726-22:14:51
W8CTC W8CTC XRF012 A W8CTC 200726-14:19:11
KB6DKK KB6DKK XRF012 A WA5VYK 200725-17:33:02
KC6TAN KC6TAN XRF012 A KC6TAN 200725-09:19:54
NZ6D H NZ6D H XRF012 A NZ6D 200724-13:48:07
N3OUC N3OUC XRF012 A WA3PNY B 200723-21:40:16
N6UTD N6UTD XRF012 A N6UTD 200723-20:59:34
KC5ALH KC5ALH XRF012 A KC5ALH 200723-20:03:12
KK6AKH KK6AKH XRF012 A KK6AKH 200723-14:39:19
K6TVI K6TVI XRF012 A K6TVI B 200722-16:42:11
KC9OO KC9OO XRF012 A NS9RC B 200720-14:59:25
W9NDU W9NDU XRF012 A NS9RC B 200720-14:03:59
KC6UQT KC6UQT XRF012 A KC6UQT 200720-06:16:41
N6PSP N6PSP XRF012 A N6PSP 200719-20:42:57
KW4JLB KW4JLB XRF012 A KW4JLB 200717-17:51:09
N6EFD N6EFD XRF012 A N6EFD 200717-11:06:15
KM6FZ KM6FZ XRF012 A KM6FZ 200717-10:28:59
KC4UNA KC4UNA XRF012 A KJ6GRS B 200716-21:24:11
KJ6GEU KJ6GEU XRF012 A KI6JKA B 200716-21:01:45
KC8YQL KC8YQL XRF012 A KC8YQL 200716-20:32:23
N6RP N6RP XRF012 A N6RP 200716-20:17:16
KB6THO Z KB6THO Z XRF012 A KB6THO 200716-09:51:37
JA1VJB JA1VJB XRF012 A JA1VJB 200716-01:24:19
KD5KNZ KD5KNZ XRF012 A KD5KNZ 200714-22:16:41
VK2DY VK2DY XRF012 A VK2DY 200711-21:42:14
W3ADX W3ADX XRF012 A W3ADX 200709-16:45:40
W2AYZ W2AYZ XRF012 A W2AYZ 200709-10:45:03
K9BFK K9BFK XRF012 A K9BFK 200709-08:36:01
DL8ZT DL8ZT XRF012 C DL8ZT C 200709-00:33:00
N4ONE N4ONE XRF012 A N4ONE 200706-23:29:06

Status as of Tue Aug 4 15:20:08 2020 PST
Dashboard Version 1.15B
Server Uptime: 34 days, 1 hours and 51 minutes

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