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Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E

Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
AB4WS listening Hotspot
KB6THO listening Hotspot
KC6N listening Hotspot
KZ8BAY listening Hotspot
N9PMR listening Hotspot
WK0I listening Hotspot
NZ6D H A Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time PST
WB6YES WB6YES XRF012 A WB6YES B 200117-23:02:54
KC4UNA KC4UNA XRF012 A KC4UNA 200117-19:32:22
PA0SAR PA0SAR XRF012 A PA0SAR 200117-14:09:10
KG7ODB KG7ODB XRF012 A KG7ODB 200117-03:27:40
KC8YQL KC8YQL XRF012 A KC8YQL 200117-03:03:36
KC6N KC6N XRF012 A KC6N 200117-02:39:54
K6UGH K6UGH XRF012 A KJ6GRS B 200117-02:33:30
K6LUM K6LUM XRF012 A K6LUM 200117-02:24:15
WA7FUS WA7FUS XRF012 A N7ERP C 200116-19:06:17
KN4OZN KN4OZN XRF012 A KN4OZN 200116-03:03:07
KC6UQT KC6UQT XRF012 A KC6UQT B 200115-17:27:03
W1RPG W1RPG XRF012 A WD1CRS 200113-03:22:31
NZ6D H NZ6D H XRF012 A NZ6D 200112-22:17:31
K6ASF K6ASF XRF012 A K6ASF 200112-16:58:23
KC6TAN KC6TAN XRF012 A KC6TAN 200112-15:38:22
W9HDG W9HDG XRF012 A W9HDG 200112-13:00:13
JI5ERZ JI5ERZ XRF012 D JR5LLA 200112-01:31:40
K6PVZ K6PVZ XRF012 A K6PVZ 200111-15:55:51
WK0I WK0I XRF012 A WK0I 200110-16:25:46
KC6ESW KC6ESW XRF012 A KI6JKA B 200110-05:46:47
KM6ZBW KM6ZBW XRF012 A KI6JKA B 200110-03:57:18
N6RP N6RP XRF012 B N6RP 200110-03:56:13
KN4YPG KN4YPG XRF012 A KN4YPG B 200110-02:00:55
N5QLA N5QLA XRF012 A N5QLA 200109-04:33:54
N5WD N5WD XRF012 A N5WD 200108-03:49:31
K7XCB K7XCB XRF012 A K7XCB 200104-04:01:52
VE5RS VE5RS XRF012 A VE5RS 200103-04:29:10
N6CY N6CY XRF012 A N6CY 200103-03:23:43
K4LV K4LV XRF012 A K4LV B 200102-14:11:35
KN6CTJ KN6CTJ XRF012 A KW6HRO B 200102-04:48:48
KJ4IHW KJ4IHW XRF012 A KJ4IHW 200102-03:37:14
W6ALB W6ALB XRF012 A W6ALB 200102-03:27:51
AJ7C AJ7C XRF012 A KI6JKA B 200102-03:24:58
K6SPA K6SPA XRF012 A K6SPA 200102-02:16:32
K6TVI K6TVI XRF012 A K6TVI 191230-21:35:11
KJ7LJW KJ7LJW XRF012 A KJ7LJW 191229-09:54:14
KZ8BAY KZ8BAY XRF012 A KZ8BAY 191229-05:13:40
AJ6GK AJ6GK XRF012 A KW6HRO B 191227-04:05:11
N0WIQ N0WIQ XRF012 A N0WIQ 191227-03:10:28

Status as of Fri Jan 17 23:10:04 2020 PST
Dashboard Version 1.15B
Server Uptime: 128 days, 22 hours and 48 minutes

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