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Welcome To X-Reflector 12... Module A is connected to the PAPA Analog System

Linked Gateways/Reflectors
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Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
AB4WS listening Hotspot
AC2GS listening Hotspot
K6AGA listening Hotspot
KA5ZTP B listening Hotspot
KB6THO listening Hotspot
KC6N listening Hotspot
N6MY listening Hotspot
N9PMR listening Hotspot
W4AFK listening Hotspot
W6ASK listening Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time PST
WB6YES WB6YES XRF012 A WB6YES B 210127-00:52:17
KN6IXU KN6IXU XRF012 A KN6IXU 210126-18:38:48
G4OXY G4OXY XRF012 A G4OXY 210126-12:56:01
G0MJT G0MJT XRF012 A G0MJT 210126-01:05:17
WT0F M WT0F M XRF012 A W7RNK C 210124-13:53:28
KB6THO Z KB6THO Z XRF012 A KB6THO 210124-11:14:17
N9PMR N9PMR XRF012 A N9PMR 210123-23:04:23
KM6PS KM6PS XRF012 A KM6PS 210123-17:38:59
N6UTD N6UTD XRF012 A N6UTD 210121-23:01:03
N0WIQ N0WIQ XRF012 A N0WIQ 210121-20:42:54
KJ7TLV KJ7TLV XRF012 A W7RNK C 210121-19:33:10
N6MY N6MY XRF012 A N6MY 210121-16:06:07
DL6QL DL6QL XRF012 A DL6QL B 210121-09:29:43
KQ0Q B KQ0Q B XRF012 A KQ0Q 210120-19:08:52
K6TFJ K6TFJ XRF012 A K6TFJ 210120-11:24:47
SV1DAR SV1DAR XRF012 A SV1DAR B 210120-06:44:59
KM6PJC KM6PJC XRF012 A KM6PJC 210119-22:06:45
JL1CWC JL1CWC XRF012 C JL1CWC 210118-16:53:57
WA6JFK WA6JFK XRF012 A WA6JFK 210117-12:06:55
W6CJ W6CJ XRF012 A W6CJ B 210117-08:45:28
AF6BY AF6BY XRF012 A AF6BY 210116-18:43:15
ON3ASZ ON3ASZ XRF012 A ON3ASZ B 210116-13:49:53
VK3NCR VK3NCR XRF012 A VK3NCR 210115-19:31:38
KC6KYO KC6KYO XRF012 A KC6KYO 210115-04:36:15
KC6N KC6N XRF012 A KC6N 210114-20:32:41
N6VIC N6VIC XRF012 A N6VIC 210113-18:54:38
KG6QKJ KG6QKJ XRF012 A K6CLX B 210109-12:48:19
WB7RAB WB7RAB XRF012 A WB7RAB 210108-15:46:20
VK5LN VK5LN XRF012 A VK5LN 210107-21:03:01
K6RQ K6RQ XRF012 A K6RQ 210107-20:51:25
AB6MB AB6MB XRF012 A AB6MB 210106-20:27:13
KC6UQT KC6UQT XRF012 A KC6UQT 210103-07:55:40
KM6YFK KM6YFK XRF012 A KM6YFK 210101-07:33:01

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