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Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
K6TVI listening Hotspot
KB6THO listening Hotspot
KC6N listening Hotspot
KM6NLZ listening Hotspot
N9PMR listening Hotspot
VE2EQ listening Hotspot
W2AYZ listening Hotspot
WK0I listening Hotspot
NZ6D H A Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time PST
WB6YES WB6YES XRF012 A WB6YES B 200330-03:12:57
N3XOL N3XOL XRF012 A N3XOL B 200330-00:27:59
K2MJ K2MJ XRF012 A K2MJ 200329-15:20:34
AD4ZU AD4ZU XRF012 A KK4ONE 200329-05:16:00
NZ6D H NZ6D H XRF012 A NZ6D 200329-01:28:33
K2CVD K2CVD XRF012 A K2CVD 200327-22:03:42
2E0STE 2E0STE XRF012 A 2E0STE B 200327-11:18:07
K6AGA K6AGA XRF012 A K6AGA 200327-04:39:26
2W0ZAA 2W0ZAA XRF012 C 2W0ZAA 200325-20:57:38
N5SNT N5SNT XRF012 A N5SNT 200324-05:03:43
K6WPT K6WPT XRF012 A K6WPT D 200323-01:32:17
KN6GTV KN6GTV XRF012 A KN6GTV 200322-23:26:48
KC1JLF KC1JLF XRF012 A KC1JLF 200322-20:27:36
K7XCB K7XCB XRF012 A K7XCB 200321-20:16:51
N7NIX N7NIX XRF012 A N7JN C 200320-23:40:46
N6RP N6RP XRF012 A N6RP 200320-23:40:27
KC8YQL KC8YQL XRF012 A KC8YQL 200320-04:17:50
K6TDM K6TDM XRF012 A K6TDM 200320-02:52:59
KC6N KC6N XRF012 A KC6N 200320-02:02:43
KC6TAN KC6TAN XRF012 A KC6TAN 200319-19:32:36
W2AYZ W2AYZ XRF012 A W2AYZ 200319-05:02:45
WC6I WC6I XRF012 A KJ6GRS B 200313-05:27:19
KC5ALH KC5ALH XRF012 A KC5ALH 200313-04:03:38
W9SSS W9SSS XRF012 A KI6KQU B 200313-02:26:16
K4MPH K4MPH XRF012 A K4MPH 200312-23:34:16
G6TMO G6TMO XRF012 A G6TMO B 200311-10:56:51
CT2GCO CT2GCO XRF012 D CT2GCO 200311-10:31:23
K6PVZ K6PVZ XRF012 A K6PVZ 200311-01:57:17
KJ4DFP KJ4DFP XRF012 A KJ4DFP 200310-23:30:16
WA7FUS WA7FUS XRF012 A N7ERP C 200307-22:02:11
W1BHV W1BHV XRF012 A W1BHV 200307-00:32:41
KB6THO Z KB6THO Z XRF012 A KB6THO 200306-14:54:38
W5NYV W5NYV XRF012 A KJ6GRS B 200306-04:56:51
KN6GSG KN6GSG XRF012 A KN6GSG 200306-04:06:56
KK6BVY KK6BVY XRF012 A KI6JKA B 200305-03:37:25
VK2DY VK2DY XRF012 A VK2DY 200305-03:34:06
W6ALB W6ALB XRF012 A W6ALB 200305-03:31:21
K6TAW K6TAW XRF012 A KJ6GRS B 200305-03:25:33
KM6GTS KM6GTS XRF012 A KI6JKA B 200305-03:23:50

Status as of Mon Mar 30 03:13:04 2020 PST
Dashboard Version 1.15B
Server Uptime: 201 days, 1 hours and 51 minutes

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