Welcome To XRF012

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Welcome To X-Reflector 12... Module A is connected to the PAPA Analog System

Linked Gateways/Reflectors
Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E

Connected Clients
Callsign on module Type
AB4WS listening Hotspot
AC2GS listening Hotspot
KA5ZTP B listening Hotspot
KB6THO listening Hotspot
KZ8BAY listening Hotspot
N6MY listening Hotspot
N9PMR D listening Hotspot
NZ6D H listening Hotspot
W4AFK listening Hotspot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source From Date-Time PST
WB6YES WB6YES XRF012 A WB6YES B 210419-20:21:30
VE3WVJ VE3WVJ XRF012 A VE3WVJ 210418-21:48:31
KE6GQO KE6GQO XRF012 A KE6GQO B 210418-21:16:41
KJ7TFI KJ7TFI XRF012 A W7RNK C 210418-13:57:48
KJ6TRM KJ6TRM XRF012 C KJ6TRM 210418-09:58:18
K6TDM K6TDM XRF012 A K6TDM 210417-12:19:44
K7XCB K7XCB XRF012 A K7XCB 210415-21:03:46
W9EAA W9EAA XRF012 A W9EAA 210415-20:54:59
N0WIQ N0WIQ XRF012 A N0WIQ 210415-20:43:58
KC8YQL KC8YQL XRF012 A KC8YQL 210415-20:41:15
K6JUN K6JUN XRF012 A KW6HRO B 210415-20:31:31
WA6JFK WA6JFK XRF012 A WA6JFK B 210415-19:51:32
WA6AB WA6AB XRF012 A KJ6GRS B 210415-19:32:52
KC6UQT KC6UQT XRF012 A KC6UQT 210411-17:23:13
WD6ZJH WD6ZJH XRF012 A WD6ZJH 210410-23:13:09
WT0F M WT0F M XRF012 A W7RNK C 210410-20:11:22

Status as of Mon Apr 19 20:25:04 2021 PST
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Server Uptime: 10 days, 0 hours and 55 minutes

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